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Well-formatted blogs are important. Did you know you can get much stronger traction for your blog posts if you pay special attention to how they look? Readability is one of the key factors in whether visitors stay and read or bounce off your site. Don’t waste all your hard writing work by forgetting to include attractive formatting.

Here are a few dos and don’ts:


  • Include subheaders, bullets and numbered lists
  • Divide text up with appealing visuals such as photos, videos or charts
  • Create short paragraphs that are easy to digest


  • Write too long. Ideal length is 350-650 words
  • Use jargon or complicated sentence construction. Write for an 8th-grade reading level.
  • Forget to add internal and external links, which boost SEO

You can garner new blog subscribers and keep visitors coming back for more if you write helpful, accessible and well-formatted posts. If you could use a little guidance in the blog department, just reach out! We’re happy to assist you

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