Visitor Experience — Popup Pros & Cons

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Although popup windows have been shown to be effective conversion tools, they don’t have the best reputation among site users. Plus, Google just changed its search algorithm to downgrade sites with windows that block content.

What if you could find a happy medium for popups?

The sweet spot strikes a balance between company messaging and customer experience so that both parties can get what they want.

  1. Don’t cover content
  2. Delay the popup until 30 seconds into the visit
  3. Limit the number of appearances per visit
  4. Keep the placement logical
  5. Make the window content useful

Many browsers include built-in popup lockers, so you might not be reaching the eyeballs you want. Still, if you want to continue using popups for email captures, sales or contact forms, we can assist you in customizing the format to match Google’s rules and meet customer expectations. We are ready to help!

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