To many people, the world of search engine optimization is something of a mystery. It can be difficult to understand how algorithms filter information, how the process can work to a business’s advantage and which factors affect results rankings.

SEO is both complex enough that some people make a living mastering it but also accessible enough that company owners can make inroads on their own if they understand best practices.
One of those best practices is routinely posting updated information. Many site owners do this with blogs, and others post fresh photos several times a week. Some web masters include social media feeds on their sites in an attempt to achieve the same result. Is this effective? Probably not.

Google has repeatedly said that it does not include social media in its search ranking factors. The company has several reasons for its stance:

  • Google views each tweet, Facebook post and Instagram photo as an individual “page,” and it does not index every page on the internet. It only indexes pages that contain enough content to be valuable, and social media posts do not meet the value requirement.
  • There are about 500 million tweets alone every day, and that doesn’t even touch Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and all the other networks. Google is powerful, but it can’t handle that kind of volume.
  • Google also ignores the number of likes, fans or followers a particular social media user has. That’s because followers can be purchased and their number can be volatile, which means the indicator holds no value to Google.
  •  Identity is imprecise on social media. Google cannot tell whether the Jane Smith one follows on Instagram is the same as the Jane Smith one likes on Facebook. That level of ambiguity means Google steers clear.

Now, just because social media doesn’t directly boost your SEO doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time. Maintaining your social media feeds is great for brand recognition, customer engagement and increasing positivity around your company. And it can have an indirect effect on your search engine ranking: Using social media to drive traffic to your website will increase your site-visit analytics, which will benefit your rank.

If you want to learn more about SEO or the importance of social media to your brand marketing, reach out to us! We’ll help you understand and maximize your options.