The label of “hottest” advertising or marketing strategy is bestowed upon different methods depending on the day. in our technological age, the category of marketing can’t-misses is even more elastic. Although traditional media still have their place among advertising tools, this year’s trends are firmly entrenched in technology.


From 360 videos to virtual reality, major companies are jumping on board the immersion-technology bandwagon. Luxury car makers are partial to 360 videos, which put viewers in the driver’s seat of their concept vehicles. Others prefer to create virtual reality messaging, which is one of the most costly options available.

Live Action

Even if you haven’t tried out Facebook Live, chances are you’ve seen live feeds in your notifications from business pages you follow. Instagram and Spapchat also have “in-the-moment” features that allow users and their followers to experience the same thing in real time.

Political Affiliations

It used to be that companies stayed away from taking stances on political issues, hoping to appeal to all potential customers. No more. Many major businesses are either taking a conservative stand on social values or speaking out on issues like equality. These are calculated risks, to be sure. Companies that go this route will appeal to consumers who agree but risk alienating those who don’t.

Extreme High Tech

When it comes to creating a niche for themselves, businesses that have the resources to create high-tech opportunities will likely fare better. For example, MasterCard has partnered with Samsung to establish a buying system for replenishing groceries in internet-connected smart refrigerators.

Media Skepticism

The term “fake news” has been bandied about since the recent election, and it’s easier than ever to focus on information that only supports a particular world view. In light of this, it is more important than ever that businesses create authentic messaging that resonates with consumers and portrays accurate, useful information.

Shift Away from Numbers

For the past six years or so, the focus of digital marketing was on statistics. Companies only gauged ROI based on website hits, unique visitors and other analytics measurements. Though those stats will continue to be important, company owners in 2017 are placing more significance on meaningful measurements such as customer engagement, customer quality and customer retention.

Though you likely aren’t ready to jump on all these marketing trends this year, it’s a great idea to explore all the options. Doing so will enable you to stay abreast of the latest techniques so that you are always ahead of the game, not trailing the field. We’re here to help with the process.