Why Mobile Matters to You - Website Wellness • 237 Marketing + Web

Having a beautiful website that looks awesome on desktop computers is important, no doubt. But if you stopped there, your business or organization could be missing out. The majority of people on the Internet every day are accessing it from a mobile device, and your full-size format likely isn’t looking as it could on those tiny screens. Here are seven reasons your website needs to be responsive to every format.

7.  Google gives ranking preference to responsive sites.

6.  Your competitors may already have optimized for mobile.

5.  Responsive sites load faster, so customers won’t abandon your site within seconds.

4.  Mobile-friendly sites feature lots of call-to-action buttons, potentially increasing your conversion rate.

3.  Optimized sites make contact, location and business-hour info the priority. Help your customers find you!

2.  If you are making social media campaigns a priority, there is no use sending people to a non-responsive site.

1.  Your customers are mobile.Your site should be, too.

To test your WordPress site to see if it is mobile-responsive, there are plenty of resources here. If the test reveals your site could use improvement, reach out to us!