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No visitor to a mobile website wants to squint to read the copy, scroll endlessly to find information or struggle with strange formatting issues. You can ensure that your website looks terrific on all devices by embracing the hallmarks of a mobile-responsive site.Here are some tips for getting it done the right way.

HAVE YOUR CONTACT information, location and business hours at the top. Those are things most mobile visitors are looking for.

ADJUST THE WIDTH of the page and photos so that every element appears in full.

CONSIDER DISABLING slideshows and videos for the mobile version. They are great on desktop computers but hinder loading time and can’t be fully em joyed on a phone screen.

ENABLE A WORD WRAP so that people can read the site without constantly scrolling. The overall format should be strongly vertical.

USE LARGE STANDARD FONTS on your action buttons and navigation. Custom fonts are too hard to read on a small screen.

DIAL UP THE CONTRAST to make the navigation and text easier to read on the go.

Could your website use some updates in order to look better on all devices?