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Getting Started with Infographics

Getting Started with an Infographic by 237 Marketing + Web

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Step 1: Organize

Capture your initial thoughts by answering these questions:

  • Why is an infographic needed?
  • What data or information needs to be communicated?
  • What resources (time and money) are available for this project?
  • Who will be leading this project and/or serving as the primary contact?
  • When is the infographic needed?

Step 2: Collect

Gather this information:

  • Data and research
  • Sources
  • Brand guidelines
  • Domain registrar account credentials

Step 3: Evaluate

Consider the skills needed for a successful build:

  • Strategy (identifying the “why” and establishing goals)
  • Planning (creating the how)
  • Messaging (key information to share with potential customers)
  • Design (visual communication)
  • Production (making the idea tangible)
  • Promotion/Distribution (getting the word out there)

► Which are your team members’ have these skills?
► Which of the skills above are needed?

Step 4: Mobilize

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