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Getting Started with a WordPress Website

Getting Started with a WordPress Website by 237 Marketing + Web
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Step 1: Organize

What needs to be accomplished?

When does this effort need to be accomplished by?

Who are we/I trying to reach?

What information do we/I want to tell our prospects and customers?

How have we successfully shared information in the past? What were unsuccessful efforts?

What resources (time and money) are available for this effort?

Step 2: Collect

Gather this technical information:

  • Website domain
  • Login credentials
  • FTP credentials
  • Domain registrar account credentials
  • Hosting account credentials
  • Email credentials
  • IT contact information

Step 3: Identify

List the functions of that need to be built into the website:

[ can include a list here ]

Step 4: Evaluate

Consider the skills needed for a successful build:

  • Strategy (identifying the “why” and establishing goals)
  • Planning (creating the how)
  • Messaging (key information to share with potential customers)
  • Design (visual communication)
  • Production (making the idea tangible)
  • Programming (digital communication)
  • Promotion/Distribution (getting the word out there)

► Which are your team members’ have these skills?

► Which of the skills above are needed?

Step 5: Mobilize

Move forward OR partner with a creative team

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