Do you stagger to the computer when it’s time for website updates, dragging your feet like a zombie and wishing you could just skip it – like you did all the other times? Website updates are many business owners’ lest favorite task. They feel as though the website should operate on its own, with little maintenance required. Unfortunately, that’s not a great idea

From a technical standpoint

Skipping crucial plug-in and theme updates for a WordPress can lead to vulnerabilities (see our other post this month about a website getting hacked) in security. PHP and scripts, if your website includes them, also get constant updates to close access loopholes. If you are not comfortable with these technical tasks, consider hiring a webmaster to take care of them for you. They are important fixes that must not be overlooked.

From a content standpoint

your site will effectively stop working for you if it is stale and outdated. Sites with no new content get very little attention from search engines, meaning your website will drop farther and farther down the page of search results. A failure to keep your online information current and fresh will result in a loss of credibility for your business or organization. Plus, if you’ve gotten over your fear of networking and are handing out business cards to everyone you meet, what kind of impression are you making if site visitors find product photos for discontinued items or an incorrect street address?


Consider the bigger picture when it comes to major updates. In addition to adding and freshening content, you also should be staying abreast of the latest technology. By now you should have invested in a mobile-friendly website format. People are eschewing desktop computers in favor of mobile devices. If you’ve done the zombie-foot-drag on updating your site to look great on every device, you are not reaching as many customers as you could be. It’s also likely that you are not communicating with them in the way they want to chat. If you have a phone number listed on your site but no email contact or live chat option, it’s another missed opportunity to connect.

Now is the time to overcome your phobia of website updates. Sure, they can be a chore, but the payoff is much greater than the pain. You’ll get more attention from search engines and site visitors alike. You’ll see increased communication and better conversion rates. Your analytics will be more accurate, helping you make educated decisions about future plans.

You don’t have to eat brains to understand the importance of website updates for your business success. Stop dragging your feet and make a schedule for regular updates. It will breathe new life into your site.