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FAQs = Frequently Asked Questions

Good, old-fashioned FAQ pages seem to be less common on websites than they used to be. Perhaps companies or organizations are worried they won’t be able to update the information regularly. Maybe they couldn’t tell whether the FAQs were doing the job they were intended to do.

Whatever the reason, we’d like to see a revival of FAQs on all the sites we create or maintain for clients. We are here to champion the format because we know that, from an engagement standpoint, question-and-answer content is one of the best options.

We all understand that the point of a website is to attract the attention of site visitors and to provide them with an education about the services or products offered.

Studies show that potential customers are doing 75% of pre-purchase research on the Internet before they even consider reaching out to the company for more information. They are educating themselves first so that they can make the wise decisions. They may reach out to businesses to fine-tune their understanding, but they largely are working as their own investigators before buying.

So what better way to give them basic information about your products or services than to give them all the answers they are looking for, all in one place? You can direct their mindset about your business with your answers. Show yourself to be an authority on the topic. Allow them to do research in a comfortable and non-threatening environment.  Then prompt them to take the action you most desire. Plus, think about the time you can save from not having to field phone calls where the caller just wants basic info!

One of our clients who makes the best use of an FAQs page is Myriad Cake Design. The company primarily creates wedding cakes for Oregon couples, though it also offers other services.

Ordering a wedding cake can be an intimidating process for people. In fact, the very nature of the product means that most people will only buy one once or twice in their lifetimes. Many of those people are young and inexperienced in working with a very specific service provider. The FAQs page, which 237 Marketing + Web helpfully grouped by category, allows potential clients to get familiar with the process and also to be prepared to make decisions during a cake-ordering consultation.

FAQs also allow potential clients to decide whether Myriad Cake Design is the cake designing business that’s best for them. For example, if they are on a very tight budget or if they need a wedding cake with little or no advanced notice, they can learn from the FAQs whether those are conditions Myriad Cake Design can work under. In that way, the business owner is able to actually pre-qualify customers without spending a single moment on the phone.

FAQs are a potent customer engagement tool

  1. Empowering potential clients with a solid education
  2. Establishing the business as a trustworthy authority
  3. Prompting site visitors to take a desired action, like booking an appointment

What’s not to love?

We can’t say enough about the versatility and functionality of FAQs. If you’d like to add one to your website, contact our 237 Marketing + Web team to learn more about the options.