MV Advancements

MV Advancements is a non-profit organization based in McMinnville that serves adults with developmental disabilities and their families. The group has been supporting members for 50 years by helping them reach their full potential at work, at home and in the community. MVA recently changed its name to more accurately reflect the work it does, and the switch included a new logo, collateral and website as well.

Indeed, the list of goals the organization sought to achieve with the overhaul was extensive, but we were ready to tackle the task. Of primary importance was the overall feeling of the site. Because MVA does uplifting and inspiring work, we knew the redesign had to convey that sentiment to everyone who visited the site. Another challenge was the diversity of MVA’s audiences; the site had to serve clients, their families, community employers and many others.

With these parameters in mind, we created a desktop site that seeks to change the perception around the clientele MVA serves while also educating site visitors about available services. The photos are large and positive in content. They show adults of various ages and abilities who are living their lives and having a good time doing it. There are helpful videos that explain the non-profit’s philosophy, and there are plenty of helpful resources for the different audiences who come to the site.

One interesting feature to note is the “Donate” button. This call to action is the first thing to be seen in the upper left-hand corner of the desktop page, and it’s also the first element on the mobile version. For non-profit organizations, optimal placement of this feature can make a major difference in raising funds.

Both the mobile site and the full website include large, clearly labeled buttons that facilitate easy navigation. Contact information is prominently displayed, and there is a feed of the group’s Facebook page on the site as well. There is even an explanation about the evolution of the non-profit organization’s name, which has undergone several changes during the group’s long history. This is helpful to visitors who might be confused about the reason behind the nomenclature.

One of the elements on the main site that is not found on the mobile version is the videos. Although they are great resources to enjoy on a desktop or laptop computer, videos are not well-suited for smartphones. It just made more sense from an optimization standpoint to omit them from the mobile-friendly version.

MV Advancements has told us that its new website is working well. It’s providing guidance to multiple audiences and educating visitors about the group and its services.

MV Advancements