Marketing Materials Refined for Consistency

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Marketing Materials

Juliette’s House child abuse intervention center does important work in the community. That means it needs many printed and electronic materials to share its message in the full range of formats. In brochures and name tags and print ads, the agency reaches out the residents with its message of caring.

After 237 Marketing + Web reworked the organization’s logo, we also refined several marketing materials. These changes were made to promote consistency, which improves the public’s recognition of the agency.

The new president and CEO of Juliette’s House, Russell Mark, wanted to build upon the logo refresh with an updated color palette. Although the alterations are not substantial, they do make a subtle difference.

Mark calls the new look “more hopeful and happy,” but it’s not so transformed that people lose the understanding that the agency caters to children. We added purple stripes to the design theme that evoke the feel of children’s drawings much in the same way that the original logo’s “crayon” approach had.

The marketing materials update included the newsletter, print ads, name badges for the staff, rack cards and business cards, among other things. The purple stripes add a fun element, and the new and improved logo ensures maximum reproducibility. Mark was pleased with how the materials were improved by the updated color scheme.

Again, you can parlay small changes into a big difference if you keep the goal in mind. Juliette’s House now has a full suite of updated marketing materials for use in the fight against child abuse.

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