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If there ever was a perfect application for the phrase “less is more,” it might be website design. The natural impulse is to fill every pixel with some sort of branded messaging in order to achieve business goals. But every good designer knows that not filling space is more effective. That’s where white space comes in.

White space does not have to be white. The phrase simply refers to parts of a layout where no visual elements are displayed. Creative use of white space allows the focus to be directed towards the main image – whether it is a product or a face – which is a much better sales tool than a jumble of content.

As a fundamental part of design, white space creates balance, clarity and harmony. It helps the reader navigate the website or designed piece, which then gives them positive feelings about your brand. Still not sold? Here are more benefits of incorporating white space into design:

Clarity: Whether your website is text-heavy or highlights a lot of images, having strategically placed white space increases the legibility and comprehension of your message. You can do this with extra space between lines of text or wide side margins that decrease the distance your eyes must read before going to the next line.

Interaction: Surrounding calls to action and other elements that invite interaction with white space makes them more noticeable – and more enticing. When you add this approach to other strategies we’ve discussed for calls to action, they become a powerful tool.

Elegance: Websites with a lot of properly used white space appear more professional and classic. They don’t require tons of color or images to keep visitors’ attention, they simply mix appropriate amounts of text with copious white space. They appear more open and fresh, which likely is the tone you want to set with potential customers who visit your website.

Navigation: When used logically in conjunction with important text and visual elements, white space helps viewers navigate the page. Use this fact to your advantage by subtly directing their eyes where you want them to go.

Is your current website a little cluttered? Do you need some refinements that make good use of white space? Our design team can offer suggestions, make changes or even refresh your entire site. Get in touch to learn more about what white space can do for you.