Writing can be intimidating. Whether it is website copy, social media posts or blog entries, writing is not everyone’s strong suit.  Your grammar may be little wonky or you may have a difficult time organizing your thoughts.  In that case writing may even be a little torturous for you. Still, fresh website content and consistent customer engagement are good for business, so you might need to look elsewhere for writing services.


The simplest place to search for some assistance is among your staff. If you have interns or someone recently out of college, they might be just the resource you are looking for. Not only have they had more recent exposure to higher education – and all the writing that comes with it – but they also might be more comfortable using multiple types of technology. Being able to post on the go or to respond immediately to customer comments is a highly valuable asset.

If you do find someone on your staff who is able to handle website updates and post regularly to social media platforms, be sure to make it clear what types of messaging you have in mind. Also, give them the power to address client comments and concerns with authority. For example, if a customer tweets that she just had a terrible customer service experience with your company, your employee should be equipped with tools to respond and make it right immediately.


If you don’t have anyone on the staff who can be the posting specialist for your company, there are other resources available. Several reputable content companies can be found online, and you generally pay them per article. You give specific instructions and keywords to the company, and their writers create and edit the content. You can learn more about the perks of hiring content companies in this blog post.

Regardless whether you choose a staff member to be your company’s social media champion or you hire an outside provider to help with that task, you likely will find a certain amount of independence that comes from delegating the writing work. However, you still must monitor the impact blog and social media posts are having on your audience and business.