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If you have worked hard to accumulate testimonials from your prized customers, you want to make them work for you. The best – and most lasting – place to showcase their comments is on your website, where they can help persuade potential customers and build trust in your company or organization.

Choosing where to place the reviews on the website can be a bit of a challenge, but if you consider your goals and overall site design, the process can be simplified. Here are some placement options and how to tailor each to the best effect.

Home page: What could be better than to hit site visitors with your awesomeness right away? This approach doesn’t work in every circumstance; it really depends what your organization offers. For sites affiliated with non-profit agencies, for example, the top of the front page might not be the most advantageous spot for your hard-fought testimonials. However, if you have a start-up business where you still are trying to build customer trust and awareness, the front page is ideal. Consider presenting a collection of testimonials in a carousel or slider at the top of the home page, where visitors can click to see more feedback.

Testimonials Page: Other site owners choose to create a page specifically for showcasing reviews. This solution is best if you have a large quantity of comments and even better if you have photos of either the testimony providers or the services they purchased (with links to your shopping cart, of course, so others can buy them as well). The trick here is to carefully consider each comment so that you end up with a comprehensive collection. Also, don’t name the page “testimonials.” Look for fun alternatives such as “Buzz,” “Raves” or “Partner Stories,” etc.

Throughout the Site: If you only have a handful of customer comments to post at first, that’s OK, too. You can sprinkle them throughout the site so visitors can read the rave reviews no matter what page they click on. Again, it’s nice if they can have a small photo with them of the person offering the testimonial. One easy way to imply an endorsement even without an actual quote is to include the logos of companies you’ve worked with and for somewhere on the website.

Footers: Your website should have contact information and other vital information at the bottom of each page in the section known as the footer. This is the perfect place to include a testimonial as well. As site visitors explore your site and scroll to the bottom of pages, they will be greeted by a glowing endorsement on each one. Those repeated final impressions could pay off for your company.

Where you put testimonials on your website is nearly as important as taking the time to gather them. Consider your goal for your reviews and chose the optimal place on the site to make sure they are getting seen. Your company or organization’s trustworthiness-quotient is sure to get a boost.