Juliette’s House Logo Gets Makeover

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Before and After

Juliette’s House is a McMinnville-based nonprofit organization that seeks to help children and families affected by child abuse. It focuses on providing safe and familiar places for children to be interviewed for investigations, and it also offers prevention and assessment services.

The Juliette’s House logo features a friendly yellow house with a chimney and a tree growing nearby. The agency’s name is written on the house shape in irregular letters, evoking the idea that a child drew the words. “Juliette’s” is written in green, and “House” is featured in purple. The happy tree is green with a brown trunk.

In recent months, however, the logo has gotten a bit of a makeover. When a new president and CEO took the helm at Juliette’s House, he wanted to make some changes. No big overhaul was needed, but some tweaks took the logo up a notch.

First up was the “crayon” look that’s used to color in the line drawing of the house and tree. What seemed like crayon strokes was turned into solid colors, mainly the yellow of the house and the green of the tree’s canopy. The change wasn’t made because the old version didn’t look good. The problem arose whenever the group needed to reproduce the image. The uneven, broken edges of the “crayon” strokes were difficult to work with and didn’t reproduce well. The switch to solid colors made the logo much easier to use on printed materials.

That was a good thing because Juliette’s House uses many printed items throughout each year. As an active member of the community, the agency uses ads, brochures, business cards and newsletters to share its mission. In order to keep the logo’s appearance and the agency’s overall look consistent across materials, many of the marketing materials got an update as well.

The Juliette’s House “before and after” logo transformation wasn’t dramatic, but it was important. By adjusting the coloration, style and functionality of the logo, it became easier to use and more effective in spreading the word about the organization’s important mission.

Could your logo use a little tweak, nip or tuck? Let us know if some updates or adjustments are needed, and we’ll perform a mini-makeover for you!

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