Sometimes, no matter how many employees your business has or how many volunteers offer to write content for the website, it still makes more sense to hire out the writing process to trained individuals. There are several online resources available that will use topics and keywords you provide to create quality blog entries, social media posts, meta tags and other pieces of writing that will make your website shine. Or, you can choose to hire a local marketing company so that you can have a more active role in the writing the professionals do on your behalf.

If you ultimately decide to hire a content company to craft writing on your company’s or organization’s behalf, there are several traits you should be on the lookout for. Use these benchmarks to evaluate whether each content company would make a good fit.

They get you

Any writers you hire should understand your site goals, your company ethos and the voice you feel best represents your organization.

The quality is high

Ask to see some previous blog posts the writers have done. Make sure there are no grammatical errors and that the overall content is interesting, informative and compelling.

They get results

The provider should be able to show you some analytics on reader engagement and click-throughs based on previous posts.

They are dedicated

You want a company that hits your deadlines and monitors your site for problems. If you hire them to also post and manage the content, they should be able to give you a guaranteed posting schedule.

When it comes down to the interviewing process, you might feel more comfortable talking to potential content creators if you have a checklist of questions to go through.

Use this list as a guideline

  • Can I see previous work?

  • What can your content do to help boost our SEO?

  • How much importance do you put on SEO?

  • Do you also create article ideas?

  • How much do your various services cost?

  • What is your deadline structure and what happens if you miss one?

  • What is your turnaround time? For example, if there is a breaking news item, how quickly can you write a post that addresses the news?

There is certainly no shame in hiring out content help. Being realistic about your ability to keep your site fresh and populated can help you make the best decision.