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After you’ve mastered the challenging task of requesting and collecting reviews and testimonials from your previous clients, you want to make sure you are highlighting them as best you can. There are several options for website placement that will ensure customers’ kind words resonate with site visitors.

Choose among these options:

Home Page

If you have several quotes lined up, a carousel or slider is a great way to display them at the top of your home page.

Testimonials Page

Or, you could display a wide range of customer feedback on a specific page, maybe the “Buzz” page.


The vital information hub at the bottom of each webpage is a great place to include testimonials. Choose a different quote for each footer.

Throughout the Site

If the site design allows and you’ve accumulated a lot of quotes, consider sprinkling them throughout the site. Repetition is a strong way to influence visitors.

Need help adding your customers’ glowing words to you website? We’re here to help you maximize their influence.