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Brian Farrell, owner of Farrell Pole Buildings (FPB) is a straight-shooter, and his company website reflects this fact. FPB builds structures using pole framing, which cuts down on the cost, materials and time required to erect traditional timber-frame buildings. Because the process of designing and building structures in this style is very straightforward and approachable, we set out to craft a website that also relayed these traits.

The Farrell Pole Building website presents a simple online resource that helps drive the education and sales processes. One important factor was the target audience: people who owned enough property to add a functional structure. Site visitors mostly are women who were researching buildings that are quick to build, cost effective, customizable and aesthetically pleasing. This is why we made the site easy to navigate and full of helpful information. There are photos of finished buildings, an explanation of the process and comments from previous customers. It was important to us that we feature pictures of real client projects so that site visitors would understand Brian’s focus on a sense of place in our beautiful state.

The two selling features of the desktop site are the photos – which help potential buyers envision their perfect buildings – and the interactive specifications page. The site’s request-a-quote page is not your basic form. It includes a lot of the options available in a pole-frame building and asks shoppers to specify which features they may be looking for. The net effect of this helps both customers and Brian. Customers get acquainted with the different details they will need to consider, and Brian gets a more specific request so that he can craft a realistic quote.

We decided for the mobile-friendly FPB site that it was important to leave the extended specifications form activated. We envisioned users pacing out a space on their property, trying to visualize the building and then punching the measurements into the form on their mobile device. If they are unclear about the options for the design, they can find a helpful list of “Things to Consider” to guide their decisions. The navigation for other pages is mobile-responsive and puts the logo, navigation and contact information right at the top, along with a message from Brian about the company’s dedication to quality construction.

In the end, the Farrell Pole Building was relatively easy to design for all devices. We simply let Brian’s straightforward demeanor shine on its pages, and customers are able to reap the benefits.