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If you’ve taken the time to drive consumers to your website using engagement tools such as social media posts, videos and review solicitations, chances are you have gradually developed a mailing list of subscribers who want more information from your company or organization. That’s great news! Now is the time to craft an e-mail newsletter that you can use to connect with supporters and offer special information just for them.

Five Newsletter Ideas to Engage Subscribers

Discounts and coupons
Studies show the possibility of a cost-savings offer is the top reason people subscribe to newsletters.

Special Products
Subscribers love having exclusive access to things other people don’t.

Entertaining news
A look behind the scenes or a before-and-after photo array is another highly valued feature among subscribers.

These can go with product introductions, profiles of staff members or brand-building shots such as client photos of your product “in the wild”.

Thank You
Be sure to tell followers how much you appreciate their support or their patronage. Maybe give an update on the number of social media followers.

There are many platforms that allow you to create a simple email newsletter template such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. All you have to do is update it each month. Whether you want help with the whole design or just technical support, our 237 Marketing + Web team is ready to help you get the word out!