Have you ever been to a website where a pop-up screen asks you to sign up for the company newsletter?  If so, you have experienced the concept of email capture. Email capture is one of the most coveted types of customer engagement tools.  Having a site visitor who takes a specific action to opt-in to receiving information from your business means they already are open to making a purchase.

There are a couple of different ways you can gather email addresses for use in marketing efforts. The pop-up window certainly is an obvious and attention-getting tactic. However, many Internet users have installed pop-up blockers. The standard place to solicit email addresses from site visitors is in the footer at the bottom of each page. It’s a little less aggressive to put it there, but you know that customers who use that form are genuinely interested in receiving info on a regular basis.

Several of our 237 Marketing + Web clients feature email capture functions on their websites.  They are used for different reasons and in different ways.

Here are some sites to visit when considering email capture engagement tools

Ruby Blue Boutique

This new retail clothing business in Sherwood was starting from scratch. As a brand-new storefront, the owner didn’t have a cache of contacts waiting to hear about monthly events and specials. We included a special email capture section on the boutique’s website so that eager customers could get the information they wanted.  This also allowed the owner to start building a following among clients and their friends.

MV Advancements

This non-profit organization that supports adults with developmental disabilities recently had a name change.  The leaders didn’t want to lose any email capture opportunities during the transition to a new website. So they asked us to make a “conversion page,” for the interim to alert visitors that a new site was in process. While the site was being built they could receive additional information by signing up for the newsletter. There was a sign-up form as part of the conversion page.

Visit McMinnville

This comprehensive tourism site has an email capture form in the traditional place: the footer of each page. The organization goes one extra step. They asks visitors to indicate who they are, such as a McMinnville community member, a visitor to the area or a local business. Then the group can customize the type of information each subscriber receives so that it is the most useful to them. It can also gather analytics about who is using its page and whom it is serving best.

No matter which format you choose for an email capture function on your website, there are few additional bits of information you need to add to the form. Be sure to explain how the users’ contact info will be used (“we never sell our email lists”). How often the subscriber can expect to receive messages (“sign up for our monthly newsletter”).  And that they can unsubscribe at any time. That last part is legally required.

If you still need a little guidance for how to use email capture as an engagement tool on your site, or you want to start a monthly newsletter, just let us know. We can get one up and running so that your customers are getting the information they request on a regular basis.