In the marketplace of social media management tools, Hootsuite has been the reigning champ for many years, almost since its beginning in 2008. Although there are many other applications that allow you to manage multiple social media platforms at once, none seems to offer access to quite the same breadth of services as Hootsuite does. Indeed, the tool’s almost unprecedented longevity and user loyalty speaks volumes about the level of efficiency the system offers.

So what exactly is Hootsuite?

It’s an online management tool that allows subscribers to monitor more than 35 popular social media platforms from one dashboard. This includes Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Foursquare and WordPress, among many, many others. Not only can you post a single message once that is then disseminated through all these channels, but you can also monitor how many people are seeing them and how readers react to the post. Responding to comments is simple, and retweeting requires a single touch of the button.

Hootsuite can truly boost your time management efforts if you find that posting to social media is too time consuming during your regular work day. You can use the free basic analytics that come with the system to see what time of day yields that largest number of engagements, then pre-schedule your posts to go out during that time. The basic Hootsuite package is free and comes with standard tools to make managing your social media campaigns much simpler. You might upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise packages if you want access to more services. Some of the offerings targeted to small-business owners includes a free 30-day trial.

Here are a few of the benefits to using a social media management tool

  • Multiple users can access the same dashboard.

  • Schedule posts days and months into the future

  • Get reports on who is responding strongest to which platform

  • It works on Apple devices, Android machines and those running Windows and even Linux.

  • It’s compatible with all browsers.

  • Hootsuite is of the few options for accessing Google+ when not on a desktop computer.

  • There’s a private messaging system for team members within Hootsuite.

If you are looking for a simpler way to post to multiple social media platforms at one time, Hootsuite might be the tool for you. Consider trying the 30-day freebie to see if Hootsuite could help simply your messaging approach. If you need assistance with setup or understanding how to integrate content management with WordPress, just let us know.