Dealing with a Hacked Site - Website Wellness • 237 Marketing + Web

It can seem like a nightmare:

You wake up one day to find that your website has been targeted by a hacker. It  may be offline, defaced or redirected to some less-than-desirable internet destination. But take a deep breath. You can and will recover your site if you stay calm. These are vital steps you can take to restore your online presence.

  1. If you have an IT department or webmaster, let them know what’s going on.
  2. Gather details about what has happened. Is it a redirect? Is is a fake site? When did the change happen?
  3. Check with your hosting service. It likely won’t fix your site, but it can offer advice or let you know if other users are experiencing the same problem.
  4. Considers taking down the site temporally while you assess damage and correct the issue. If it is down more than 24 hours, send notifications via social media.
  5. Seek self-help solutions online or contact a local web design company for assistance.

Of course, if you are a 237 Marketing + Web client, you already have access to a support team to help restore your site. We are ready to help you solve any issues caused by hackers or malware.