We can’t let the month of November pass by without writing about giving thanks to customers and clients for their loyal patronage. Although we have written previously (link to previous blog about acknowledging customers) about ways to show customer appreciation, we know that some of our clients prefer to send out small gifts during the holiday season to their best customers. These items can range from inexpensive thank-yous to more extravagant shows of appreciation, but the goal is always the same: building relationships with top customers or patrons to encourage a continued partnership.

We created this range of ideas for thank-you gifts that would be a hit with any client. Find the price point that works for you or use this list as inspiration for crafting your own plan.

1. Make A Video

Enlist a video-savvy member of your staff to shoot the short film. Highlight all the great things about your awesome customer and show how their support helps your own business and your community. Post the video prominently on your website and social media platforms so that everyone can view it. Give a copy to the client so they can post it as well.

2. Send Treats

Gifts of food are always appreciated. You can partner with a local bakery or donut shop to provide a gift box, or you can order treats from delivery companies like Harry & David. Have the goodies delivered to your client’s office with a handwritten note of

3. Toy Box

This idea is best suited to clients who like to have a little fun in their office. Create a gift box full of small toys that employees can play while on break. Think mini cornhole, checkers, mini bocce ball or even a diminutive croquet set. Deliver it to your customer’s office with a letter of appreciation and offer to play the first game with them. They will appreciate that you want to inject the business world with a little fun.

4. Hire A Speaker

If you know that one of your clients is struggling with a particular aspect of their business, say, shipping logistics, for example, you can hire an expert in that field to visit the owner and offer no-pressure advice and solutions. You can even attend the discussion and take part if appropriate. Or, if the client’s employees are having trouble maximizing social media marketing, you can hire a pro to come in and give a seminar on best practices. Your clients will know that you care about their success.

5. Give A Discount

If your budget allows, consider giving your larger clients a significant discount on an end-of-the-year buy. Make sure they know it is a holiday gift to show how much you appreciate their business.

6. Throw A Party

Depending on your industry and the nature of your clients, you can stage a shin-dig and invite multiple loyal customers to attend. This means renting a venue, hiring a caterer and booking a DJ, so it’s an extravagant expenditure to be sure. But if you can swing it, showing clients a good time can go a long way toward building relationships.

We hope one of these customer appreciation gifts is a good fit for your business and clientele. If you build these expenses into your annual budget, they will be easier to absorb and more pleasurable to give. Of course, a simple handwritten thank-you card can go a long way at non-Thanksgiving times of the year. Check out our Blue Dot Bright line of business cards for easy sending anytime.