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Has anyone ever told you about something they saw on your website, and you can tell from their description that they were looking at a long-dead version of your online space? Often it can seem as though web pages are the undead — never to be scoured from the internet for good, despite your best efforts to kill them.

To Vanquish Ghost Pages:

ASK . . .

the service that hosted the old pages to remove them. Ask nicely and ask repeatedly.


the Google remove the dead URL from their listings. You’ll have to do this separately with all the other search engines, too.


to live with the ghost pages if you get no results from steps one or two. You can always optimize your current site for great SEO and higher rankings to detract from old sites that  pop up.

It is difficult to permanently remove Internet content once it’s there, but you can attempt to get rid of the ghosts. If you need assistance with any of these steps or want to explore WordPress tools that can help, let our team know!