CCI Tailors Website to Needs of Clientele

Center for Community Innovation

The Center for Community Innovation is a nonprofit organization with the goal of supporting professionals who also work in the nonprofit sector. The center seeks to improve philanthropy by maximizing its reach in the community through innovative approaches.

In creating the CCI’s new website in 2015, much of our discussion about format and functionality revolved around the specific audience the group serves. Because many site visitors are industry professionals, we knew the traditional desktop configuration had to be heavy on information, resources and opportunities to get involved. We kept the navigation simple and featured an obvious spot on the site to solicit donations. The pages flow in a logical order, allowing visitors to smoothly find the information they need, whether it is the training schedule, the FAQs or the application for becoming a member.

Although we knew a lot of people would be coming to the site from a desktop computer, we also wanted to make the site functional for professionals on the go. People working in the nonprofit sector are just as likely to be doing research and networking in the community as they are to be sitting at their office desk. That’s why the mobile version of CCI’s site features large, clear buttons with calls to action such as “engage” and “give” to make the site simple to navigate. The mobile format is strongly vertical, with newsletter registration, contact information and a list of partners prominently displayed and easy to find.

Both desktop and mobile versions of the CCI website make premium use of some features that were very important to the group. CCI’s leaders wanted the group’s calendar of events to be included in a feed on the home page. Visitors can see the classes and events in either a list format or a traditional calendar grid format.
The ultimate goal for the CCI website in all formats was to offer helpful, easy-to-access information to support the efforts of professionals in the non-profit sector. The group assures us that this strategy has been paying off and that it looks forward to continued partnerships.

Center for Community Innovation
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