Blogging Rut • 237 Marketing + Web

Have you noticed that your blog topics are getting stale and not gaining any traction, even though you’ve been writing for years? If frustration is starting to set in and you are wondering whether you are wasting your time, step back for a moment and take a deep breath. Many factors may be at play here. You could be in a blogging rut, where no creative ideas are coming to you. Or, you could be in a seasonal lull when you aren’t getting as many visitors because they all are on summer vacation. Or, you could just be overthinking this. Here are five things you should keep in mind as a blogger that may make the process easier:

There are no rules

Literally, you can do anything with your blog that you want. It’s yours and there are no blog police. Don’t stand in your own way with arbitrary restrictions. Have a long rant deep inside you about the customer service at a chain grocery store? Rant all you want. Readers love passionate posts, and they tend to get a lot of comments. Or, want to brag about the award your organization just won? Do it. You earned it. Get innovative, and your readership will be reinvigorated.

You are connecting with the customer

This is the reason you started the blog in the first place. Don’t be afraid to share your stories, triumphs, defeats and frustrations. Posts that show your personality indicate to site visitors that there is a real person behind the company name. Now, you have to use good judgement here. Flaming posts about your competition are not a good idea. But you can comment on practices you think are a bad idea without naming names.

You are providing a resource for customers when they need it

Site visitors are trying to educate themselves about your organization and the goods or services you offer. You are the authority figure they are looking to for help. That blog post you just wrote may not be helpful to them today, but sometime down the road they will find it and appreciate your insight. Then they can become loyal readers – and customers.

Blogging saves you time and money

If you write informative content and include a lot of photos, you are answering people’s questions. As a result, you don’t have to spend time on the phone explaining basic things to them because they already know. You don’t have to invest in a major advertising campaign because they already know. An educated consumer is an eager buyer.

You must engage

Having a conversation with readers and customers is surprisingly invigorating. Respond to comments from your blog readers. Ask a question at the end of each entry that invites visitors to converse with you. Prompt people to hit the “order now” or “get a free quote” buttons. Be an active participant in your blog community, even if you feel as though no one is reading.

If you let yourself off the hook as a blogger, you can find the mental space you need to continue striving. Remember what your goals were when you started the online writing journey, and keep working toward them.You too can break out of your blogging rut!