Ides of March - Website Wellness • 237 Marketing + Web

Today is the Ides of March, a fateful day in the life of a certain Roman emperor.  If you — unlike Julius Caesar — are thinking ahead about how to prevent security breaches among your countrymen, you’ll want to take simple steps that can help mitigate risk when it comes to your website.

Check the User List

Removing the names of inactive users can help prevent spam overloads that may compromise your site.

Fine-Tune Permissions

Ensure each site admin has the appropriate level of access. Boost security by ensuring users can’t get into places they shouldn’t be.

Eliminate Deactivated Plugins

If they aren’t updated, it’s best to delete them. The goal is to get rid of any potential vulnerabilities that could lead to a security breach in the future.

Be Diligent

Routine precautionary tasks, in addition to 237 Webcare, will help increase protection for your website.