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Business owners may be better at closing sales than they are at handicrafts, but we bet there are plenty of people on the payroll at your company who love to create. This blog post is for the makers out there, and we know we have some extremely creative people on our client list.

We’ve compiled a group of five simple gifts that you can make and give to clients during winter months — or any time of year — to show that you are thinking about them and appreciate their patronage. The best thing is, they all are inexpensive ways to promote your business while inspiring others to try new things.

1. Popcorn Kit

Do you know how many people have never made popcorn on the stove, with a pan and some oil? Most only know how to push the buttons on the microwave or load an air popper. You can introduce your clients to a new best practice: popcorn in the pan. Fill a small jar with popping corn, then add some small bags filled with different flavorings to sprinkle on top (think barbecue seasoning, cinnamon sugar or even jimmies). Be sure to include directions on how to achieve stove-top popping success.

2. City Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun outing for your clients and their staff to get them out of office on a sunny afternoon. Use hints and clues about local history or landmarks to help them navigate the hunt. Try to keep the action within a few blocks of their office, but don’t be afraid to show them something about their city they might not have known. When they have the clues completed, they can stop by your office for their prize.

3. Local Theater

The next time the college in your city is staging a play or musical, purchase pairs of tickets for clients. Send the tickets along with a note of appreciation and either a DVD or book of the production they will be seeing. If it’s a musical, see if you can find a CD with the soundtrack and include that in the gift as well.

4. Custom Puzzles

Considering the quality of cell phone cameras these days, just about anyone can take an awesome photo that’s frame-worthy. Point the shutter toward vistas that highlight your region or something specific to the area. For example, in the Yamhill Valley you could shoot vineyards, sunsets, a hazelnut grove or even Mt. Hood. Edit the photo to get the best image and then email it to an online custom puzzle company. They will create a puzzle with your desired number of pieces, which you can then send to clients for a fun breakroom activity.

5. Spa Time

Though they might not admit it, men like a little bit of pampering, too. You can create a spa-like bath experience for male and female clients by creating your own fizzy bath bombs. There are multiple recipes on Pinterest, and they don’t require a ton of ingredients. Pack a handful of colorful bombs into attractive packaging (be sure to make masculine ones as well) and attach a note that says something along the lines of “Take time to relax this holiday season. We look forward to working with you in the New Year.”

Now, none of these gifts ideas is too difficult, right? If you choose one of them, you’ll know that not only is your business making a unique impression on the recipients, but you also are inspiring them to explore something new.