Often at 237 Marketing + Web, site owners ask us why blogging is important in the first place. After all, they say, if the website is chock full of basic information, what is the purpose of more writing? And to that question we always say “Good question. What are your goals?”

It’s true that it can be a waste of time to write blog posts with no goal in mind. But if you are focused on what you are trying to achieve, posting regular blog entries can be beneficial for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which are:

  • More customer engagement

  • Higher search engine listing placement

  • Reason for site visitors to return regularly

  • Present the feeling there is an actual living, breathing person behind the company logo

But even more than those things, writing and posting regular blog entries can save you time and money — if you do them with the end goal in mind. Think about it. How much time do you or your staff spend on the phone each day answering basic questions or explaining logistics to potential clients? How many emails do you send with follow up questions just so you can give a basic cost quote? Think of the work hours that could be saved if you used blog posts to educate your site visitors!

Here are some common goals that site owners work toward with their blogs


Tell potential clients how your business works and how they can take advantage of your expertise. Remind them about factors and logistics they might not have considered. Explain your fees. Offer helpful tips to make their decision easier.


Highlight all the successful projects you have worked on in the past, or share happy comments from well-served customers. People love before-and-after photos, or any photos, really. Don’t be too gushy in your writing; instead, let pictures or testimonials do it for you.


Indicate to potential or current customers that you are following industry news and make an effort to stay up to date with today’s conversations. Share your own news and those of others in your industry. Keep the tone positive.


Some website owners use their blogs purely to start conversations with readers. They can use any of the three approaches mentioned above to do that, but they are faithful in addressing reader comments and keeping the interaction going.


Others are really good at linking to other industry blogs and seeking links from those bloggers. If you start a post with “Here’s what I read on this cool blog,” chances are that blog owner will link back to your site if you just ask. That can lead to more readership – and customers – for both of you.

Any of these goals should help keep you on track and focused when it comes to populating your blog. You can use one or all of them to set your editorial calendar for the year, and the enjoy the independence that comes from having things mapped out in advance.