We compiled this list of seven things that successful bloggers do that you might not be doing. Take a look at below to see where you could use improvement. Your blog and future readers will thank you for it.


  1. They dedicate time. Effective blog writers don’t try to squeeze writing into a 15-minute window between other tasks. They spend time on their posts and then they leave them alone for a short period before editing and posting.
  2. They share their personality and stories. Successful posts are full of personality and indicate that the writer is a real person, not some faceless corporate drone who only cares about sales.
  3. They provide valuable information. Readers are looking for solutions. They need a couch but don’t know which one to buy. Your informative post about all the nuances of living room furniture can be most illuminating.
  4. They are consistent with posts. Not only does consistent posting make bloggers better writers, it establishes a level of trust with readers who know something new always is in the works. Crafting an editorial calendar is immensely helpful in keeping writers on track.
  5. They are concise. Verbose posts are not helpful, not engaging and not a good use of either a writer’s or reader’s time. It’s OK to go a bit off topic, just don’t spend 500 words on the tangent.
  6. They never stop learning or trying to improve their posts. Effective blogging is a skill that must be worked on regularly. Check out other successful blogs to see what tactics they are using. Be willing to adopt new practices. Not every post is going to be a gem, but most of them should be.
  7. They are patient. Prolific bloggers realize it takes time to build a readership. In fact, having tons of readers may not even be the goal. Sometimes 10 loyal readers are better than 1,000 who rarely check in. Keep your eye on the goal, and watch the analytics to make sure you are achieving them.

These traits go a long way toward boosting the success of any blogger. Practice still makes perfect, even in the blogosphere, so don’t go at it half-engaged and then wonder why it’s not working. You will get out of it what you put in, and hopefully, you will have a lot of readers along for the ride.