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How often have you been on a company’s website, considering making a purchase, and are flummoxed about which option to choose? You read the product descriptions, check the prices and then … what? Chances are you are relieved when you find user reviews on the site. They allow you to get some additional insight about the offerings and help you make your decision. You feel as though you are a more educated buyer because the reviews might point out considerations you hadn’t thought of.

Now, wouldn’t you want to offer your own customers that same reassurance? Even if you don’t sell products – maybe you offer a service or run a non-profit organization – you still want to make your potential clients feel smart and equipped before they decide whether to get involved with your organization.

That’s the beauty of reviews. They elevate an otherwise sterile experience into a personal one. Here are five more reasons having reviews on your website and social media feeds is important to your ultimate success:

  1. Potential customers depend on them. Again, new site visitors who don’t know anything about your products or services will be looking for some personal guidance. Reviews offer a range of feedback about your offerings and often bring up specific points that only previous buyers may have noticed.
  2. They increase your conversion rate. Once site visitors have educated themselves by reading your helpful content and checking out reviews, the additional confidence they have gained will make them more likely to move forward with a purchase. And after you give them killer customer service and an awesome purchasing experience, they are likely to become loyal customers.
  3. They show you care about customer satisfaction. Only businesses who want to make sure they are serving every customer well will take the time to follow up with review requests. Sites with no reviews or testimonials indicate that either they haven’t worked with many customers or that they don’t bother to check in after the sale. Neither of these options make a good impression. Displaying your customer feedback prominently indicates you are proud of your customer service and satisfaction.
  4. They put a face on your business. Reviews, and in particular your responses to them, demonstrate to potential clients that there is real person at your headquarters, not just an automated customer service robot. The personal touch is what today’s consumers are looking for, and the way you handle reviews will go a long way toward establishing long-term relationships with your customers.
  5. They are great resources for fresh ideas. Many people who leave reviews offer ideas for ways the product or service itself could be improved. Or, if they have complaints about customer service or shipping, their comments could help you define a hiccup in your process that should be addressed. Look at reviews as a check-in on how your company is operating from a customer’s viewpoint. It’s a valuable resource for improving your company.

Reviews are worth their weight in gold for multiple reasons and should not be underappreciated. Show your clients you care about their buying experience by showcasing your customer feedback.