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Now, we know that being assigned homework is no one’s favorite gift, but we believe the right inspirational blogs can be just the thing for fun and informative morning reading. We’ve taken a look around the Internet to find some of the most popular blogs that also happen to be entertaining reading. We even focused on blogs that were in some way inspiring, though it is your call whether entries will prompt you to take action or teach you what to avoid. We suggest you take a moment to check out a few – or all – of these worthy blogs.

5 Great Blogs

Dumb Little Man

Founder Jay White created the site partially to focus on steps to business success and productivity, but now it features a wide range of topics. Posts have titles such as “Office Hacks That Make Your Workforce More Productive” and “9 Ways to Beat Boredom in the Air.” Overall topics range from money to health to life hacks, and all the posts are written in an entertaining yet helpful way. You may not need to know 30 Brilliant Uses for Lip Balm today, but who knows when that knowledge could come in handy?

Pick the Brain

John Wesley has a lot to say about health, procrastination and motivation, and you can read his thoughts on these topics and many others. Wesley also covers time management in a way that offers solutions you can try in your daily life. His writing voice is a little strident, but it provides a firmness that can prompt people into action if they take it to heart.

Eat Spin Run Repeat

If you’ve already got a healthy respect for motivation in the business world, perhaps it is time to turn inward and start improving your health. Fitness blog Eat Spin Run Repeat includes both basic workouts and healthy eating recipes along with beautiful photos that inspire action. Blogger Angela Simpson shares “The Sweet Sweat Circuit Workout” one day, then offers a roundup of delectable Brussels sprouts recipes the next. Her tone is chatty and approachable while still coming off as authoritative.

Scary Mommy

Not just for moms, this parenting blog covers everything from friendship to mental health to pregnancy and beyond. It’s often hilarious and always frank, especially when dealing with tough topics. If you are a parent who also works and needs to be let off the hook about the unimportant things that are falling through the cracks, this entertaining blog is for you. There’s even a secondary blog that deals more with grownup situations.

SRS Funny

Tumblr is a micro blogging site that is ground zero for funny, photo-based humor. Sometimes it’s OK to start your day off with a chuckle, so we recommend SRS Funny despite the fact that it is a purely entertaining time-suck with no educational qualities. Besides, who can get enough of T-Rex jokes and pictures of people failing painfully to accomplish a dare?

Of course, there are literally millions of worthwhile blogs on the Internet, so we advise you to cast about until you find some of your own gems. Once you do, be sure to subscribe to the feed so you will always see the latest posts. Who knows, this reading list may even inspire you to be more vigilant about posting to your own business blog! (link to previous blogs about blogging).